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Primarily I am the lead orbit determination analyst for the Parker Solar Probe mission. This revolutionary spacecraft will launch in July-August of 2018 and will fly faster and closer to the Sun than any other man-made object. The environment is incredibly challenging, not to mention very hot! This probe aims to unlock the mysteries of the solar corona, and we are busily preparing for launch.

Additonally, I have been analyzing low-cost sample return mission concepts to icy moons (Europa and Enceladus). These unbelievable worlds have liquid water oceans beneath their icy crust, and represent the most likely places in our solar system to discover extraterrestrial life! Another project entails computing and classifying cyclical trajectories that flyby Earth, Mars, and Venus. Such ballistic "triple-cycler" trajectories could be used by large-scale transport vehicles as part of a reduced cost Mars colonization architecture. This work represents the first discovery of these interesting periodic orbits.

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